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Mike Manne and Tiger Blues   Mr. Blues and I

Song Titles

1. Come Back Baby-by mike manne

2. Custom Built Woman-traditional

3.Caldonia-by BB King

4.Texas Stomp-by mike manne

5.All your Love-by Otis Rush

6.I cant Stop-by mike manne

7.Mister Magic-by w. salter/mcdonald

8.Aint no sunshine-by Bill Withers

9.Custom Shop Colors-by mike manne

10.I cant quit you baby-by willie dixon

11. In memory of Elizabeth Reed-by Dickie Betts (bonus track)

Musicians and Band Info

Mike Manne-Lead and Rhythm guitar,  Bass-Chris Matheos,  Keyboards-Tom Keys,  Drums-Steve Obrien

additional bass-Tony Fucci, Bob Haddard

additional rhythm guitar support-Jim Koehler, Jim Moran, Ken Clayton, Mike Manne

Producer,director-Mike Manne, Joe Napoli 

Mr.Blues and I

For Information: mail to:          tigerblues@hotmail.com

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    (Come Back Baby)            (Texas Stomp)

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