Mike Manne and Tiger Blues "BLUES 345"

mike manne/Tiger Blues/Mr. BLUES and I/credits mike manne/Tiger Blues/ "RAINBOW SUN" credits mike manne/Tiger Blues/ "BLUES 345" credits

B L U E S 3 4 5

Song list /  Mike Manne and Tiger Blues / 345

1. Hideaway

2. Worried Life Blues

3. All Your Love

4. Mary Had a little lamb

5. I cant quit you Baby

6. Mister Magic

7. I got My eyes on You

Bonus Tracks

8. The Same Thing

9. I'LL Play The Blues For you

10. Every Day I have The Blues 



Mike Manne-Guitar/ Bob Haddard-Bass/ Paul Colucci-Drums/Joe Trezza/ Hammond B-3/

Mike Manne and Tiger Blues/ BLUES  345

Produced by Mike Manne for Blues Artist Music

Album cover design: Louis Appatepaolo and Mike Manne